GASP Meeting 7.6 Report: 12/3/14

Such a great meeting tonight! Thanks to A for slipping into the leader’s chair to give Nathan a break – she did a fabulous job! Thirty-four GASPers began with a really thoughtful and productive discussion of the issues related to a proposed project to videotape some of our meetings for a student documentary on four GASPers. It was great to hear so many cogent reasons for taping meetings, and also reasons not to, and to see the feelings and concerns on both sides getting so much respect. GASP is a huge part of the lives of the four being profiled, and it would be so helpful to potential students to find out about GASP – but anytime something is recorded it is also changed in a Heisenbergian way, and there are worries GASP would not be as safe as it needs to be if it were being recorded. We left it somewhat open, but the group seemed to be leaning towards scheduling an extra meeting early in Winter Quarter which would be recorded – which would allow those uncomfortable with recording to avoid it, without missing out on a regular GASP meeting.

We also had another profoundly important discussion about the ongoing threats to young queer students in Adventist Academies, who must go through the process of coming out to self and others in a hostile environment, and with little or no support or affirmation. This discussion also included the challenges faced by PUC students who are contemplating coming out to family over the Christmas break. The primary founding mission of GASP was to make sure LGBTQ students did not feel alone and unloved at PUC, and it was deeply moving to see the community supporting and loving and just being with each other tonight, though some pretty tough stuff. Needless to say, we will be keeping each other in our thoughts and prayers over the Christmas break. Thanks to our Nursing friends for the fantastic cookies!

A few young GASP delinquents kept my up late after the meeting exposing me to the profound mysteries and practitioners of popular culture and high art. While we could not agree on Kanye vs Jay-Z, or Kim vs Beyonce, we did seem to agree that Chapelle is a true genius.

Stay safe, friends, until we meet again in the new year – next meeting January 7.


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