First GASP of 2016-2017!

PLEASE NOTE: The first GASP meeting of the school year at Pacific Union College will be on Thursday of the SECOND week of Fall quarter – October 6th. (We wanted to give you all as much time as possible to share this event and invite friends.)

So excited to invite you to now to join us for the First GASP Meeting of the 2016-17 school year! It is always great to see old faces, and meet new students, and hear what everybody is looking forward to this school year and speak of individual and shared concerns.

It is to remember how important it is to bring new people with you – every school year begins with about 50% of the student body brand new to PUC. Find one or two people who you think need to be at GASP or someone who might want to join in GASP’s mission of providing a safe place for conversations about the intersections of faith and sexuality, and bring them with you to the first meeting.

You can RSVP and share the event invite from the GASP Facebook page.

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